Acousta Seal…

Acousta seals are a semi-closed cell, polyurethane foam manufactured by Acoustafoam to create seals.

Acousta Seal

Modern sealing requirements need innovative materials. Acoustafoam has introduced a new technical foam with a semi-closed cell structure that is ideal for sealing areas from noise, liquids, gases and also dust. All of these elements must not be allowed to penetrate the joint. The sealing solution must ensure that the seal is secure enough to prevent any level of ingress. The AcoustaSeal is the perfect material to use when there is a variance in the product build. As the seal can adjust to a range of heights along the total area of the joint.

AcoustaSeal is manufactured in blocks 2000MM x 1000MM x 500MM
Colour = Dark Grey.
Densities = 25, 30, 40, 50kg per cubic metre
Burn rate = FMVSS-302

AcoustaAqua Seal – is a more advanced grade of 30kg density moulded in the same size block 2000MM x 1000MM x 500MM.

This grade has been developed with a smaller cell structure that gives an even better seal allowing us to manufacture seals that need up to 40% less compression so giving material saving cost advantages. AcoustaSeal is supplied in sheet, strips, cut and CNC profiles. Self-adhesive on any face areas and additional facing materials or RAL colour painted to customer requirements.

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