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Bass traps and Acousta tiles are acoustic energy absorbers, which are designed to dampen low-frequency sound energy. With the goal of attaining a flatter low frequency room response, by reducing LF resonances in rooms. The bass traps are designed to enhance your overall sound experience.

Bass traps and Acousta tiles are perfect for recording studios, mastering rooms, home theatres and other rooms built to provide a critical listening environment. As like all acoustically absorptive devices, they function by turning sound energy into heat through friction. As energy cannot be created nor destroyed, but can change from one form to another.
There are two types of bass traps: resonating absorbers and porous absorbers.

  • By their nature resonating absorbers tend toward narrow band action by absorbing only a narrow range of sound frequencies.
  • Porous absorbers tend toward broadband action by absorbing sound all the way across the audible band – low, mid, and high frequencies. Though both types can be altered to be either more narrow, or more broad in their absorptive action.

Porous Absorbers

Fibreglass, mineral wool or open cell foams are used to make Porous absorbers because they have small pores throughout them. The small pores contain pockets of air which, when exposed to sound pressure waves in the room’s air. Vibrate like small springs transforming the sound energy to heat energy.

Low-frequency pressure builds up wherever there is a boundary. Each room dimension has two boundaries which are parallel to each other such as the corners of a room.

Bass Traps

An acoustic panel is one of the most effective methods for eliminating high-frequency noise.  In conclusion thicker the bass traps the better absorption of lower frequencies resulting in a higher level of absorption.

Acoustafoam is proud to offer acoustic bass trap kits with various profiled faces which are ideal for fitting into music studios. Bass traps work as acoustic energy absorbers which are designed to dampen low-frequency sound energy. Our acoustic bass trap kits are available in four different styles and three different colours. With the option to have a self-adhesive back to stick where best suits the acoustic environment. The possibility of having a sticky back aid in the speeding up the installation.

Acoustafoam manufactures a range of profiled products and shapes in a variety of foams for architectural applications. Our profiled acoustic products are specifically designed to allow for reverberation absorption to be achieved with limited ceiling or wall space. Also, it can be used to provide an exciting designed acoustic solution for bespoke projects.

One range of profiled face tiles used for the absorption of sound, to improve the acoustic environment. Are made from melamine foam. Our melamine foams are available in Natural White and grey, or a range of spray painted colours. Any RAL colour matched subject to a minimum quantity. Standard size tiles 600MM x 600MM x 40MM.


You can add your company name or logo to the tiles by saving your information as DXF files.  We supply tiles as sheets and specific sizes unique to your designs. All our Acousta tiles and Bass traps can are available with a self-adhesive backing, wall frameworks and suspended hangers. Our acousta tiles can be available with a rigid support so you can attach mechanical fixings or for fittings to suspended ceilings.

Acoustafoam has a design team to work with architects and clients to provide a bespoke acoustic solution for rooms and reception areas. Alongside this, we offer an advisory service on acoustic solutions in the workplace and provide designed workable solutions.

Principal architects have approved our acousta tiles for schools, academies, sports halls, music rooms, studios, home cinemas and office environments.

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