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Acoustafoam manufacture Acoustic Absorbers from melamine foam. Melamine foam is one of the best materials in our range of foam products for the acoustic treatment of rooms. Our Melamine foam is manufactured in block form by our partners BASF in Germany.

Melamine foam is perfect for Acoustic Absorbers as it is Class O Fire rated and it is very light in density. The Melamine foam is tested by us in-house for noise absorption. We slit cut and CNC profile many shapes for our customers.

The product can be supplied as a foam only part, or provided with a self-adhesive backed with a peel off paper, to ease installation. We can also provide a broad range of fixing to suit customer needs such as contact adhesives, Sealants, Velcro strips and a range of mechanical fixings. Acoustafoam also offers an onsite fitting service for large contract projects.

Moving on from plain foams we colour paint absorbers to any RAL number this is subject to minimum quantities, and we can also offer cloth covered absorbers from a vast range of transparent acoustic facings. These are wrapped around edges to give a professional finish. We also cover absorbers with a printable facing cloth that we can customise with your images, designs or photos.

Acoustic Art. Acoustafoam’s absorbers are available in any size up to 2500mm x 1200mm and from 25mm to 100mm thick. The standard thickness we recommend is 50mm, and the optimum thickness is 100mm. By placing acoustic absorber panels onto walls or ceilings, you reduce reverberation of the noise within the room. Therefore strategically placing acoustic panels at reflection points will not only help clean up the sound in the room but also adding the right amount will eliminate all echo and solve your noise issues.

Our hanging absorbers also have very little limitations on shape, size, and cosmetic finish. Clouds, circles, logos are just a few of the many projects we have produced for customers.

We have in-house absorption testing facilities for customer supplied facings, and our team has their reverberation testing equipment for onsite evaluations.

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