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Acoustic Art development facility at Telford Shropshire

Acoustic art absorbers offer excellent acoustics without compromising the aesthetics of your room environment. Acoustafoam manufactures a vast array of sizes and shapes that we can add your photos and pictures too. We use lightweight melamine foam, one of the best absorbers available, and a range of acoustic facings to compliment your room or office.

Most homes, shops and restaurants are designed with open plan areas of glass, stainless steel, polished wood and plaster, all hard surfaces that create a noisy and music unfriendly environment. The principles are simple, and the results are amazing. By combining modern printing techniques to open weave textiles and high-quality low-density acoustic foam a unique acoustic product is created. Artworks become functional as acoustic absorbers.

Acoustafoam offers an advisory service on acoustic solutions in the workplace and provides designed workable solutions. Once you have treated your space, you will be amazed at the results. Acoustic Art minimises the chaos and cacophony of exacerbated sound and noise reverberation. You will hear clearly defined voices and if you are listening to music, pure notes, and clear harmonies. We spend many hundreds, even thousands of pounds on hi-fi systems and home theatre systems to maximise our viewing or listening pleasure, we tend to forget that the equipment is only as good as the environment where it is installed when considering the acoustic performance.

Large Format Printing

Our large format printer can print up to 8’x4’ (3000mmx2000mm), and we can produce artwork panels that fit together if larger sizes are required. We can also print on a range of surfaces including MDF, wood, acrylic, plastic, composites, glass, aluminium, foam, ceramic and tile materials. The printer is capable of printing high-resolution images up to 1440 dpi with a maximum printing thickness of 100mm plus a maximum weight of 500kg. This makes it easier for all your printing requirements to be met. A final clear coat can be applied to leave a flat or high gloss protective coating.


We offer a large number of images to choose from within our portfolio. The design is a unique artwork in itself, some originate from photography, others from painting and some are digital graphics. Works can be commissioned and customised to your specific needs, or you can supply the artwork, your favourite photograph or even send us a drawing in file format produced by children. A wedding photo, holiday photo, pictures of family, your car, boat or any image you wish to see on your wall. The image and colour choice is endless. For both Business and Personal use, we also recommend the use of stock image sites. Many images are free, and the choice is extensive. Please see our Guides below for information on choosing images, image sizes and a list of stock sites.

Acoustic Art Facings

As well as printing your photographs and images, we also have a range of fabric choices in over 100 colours to choose. Our colour range is extensive, and a variety of materials can be selected. We can provide pastel shades through to brightly coloured fabrics, and we can also print on your fabric if required. Repeat patterns from vector artwork can also be printed onto these fabrics.


Acoustafoam is committed to providing a first class service and has an established sister company called CAS (Contemporary Acoustic Solutions) who can provide additional services if required. These include installation and after care.

Construction Sector

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