Acoustic Barrier Products…

Acoustic Barrier Products are flexible sound insulating products aimed at the reduction of airborne noises and the insulation of impact sounds, which means they prevent transmission loss.  As well as provide an excellent anti-vibration pad reducing the level of impact sound.

We have a broad range of barriers particularly suitable in the applications where thermal radiation must be reflected during working conditions, together with good flexibility.  Acoustic barriers also feature an excellent vibration dampening performance.

The barriers are supplied in sheets or die cut, water jet cut to your specifications. The Acoustic barrier Products are particularly suited for applications where excellent malleability is required as the acoustic barrier can be applied to slightly curved and wavy surfaces.

All our acoustic barriers can be combined with our acoustic foams to create a bespoke laminate. To overcome sound issue which needs to take in account sound absorption and transmission loss.

 Fields of application

  • Automotive
  • White goods and home Appliances
  • Lift Cabins,
  • Metal Furniture
  • Steel sinks and tubs,
  • Earth moving vehicles and agricultural vehicles,
  • Various kinds of vehicles and machinery.
  • Pipe Insulation.

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Polymeric Acoustic Barriers

C03 (1.4mm) and C09 (2.5mm) Polymeric barriers are low-density vinyl acoustic membranes loaded with naturally occurring materials. These barriers are free from lead and unrefined aromatic oils and bitumen. Co3 and C09 have been specifically designed to improve the sound insulation of existing panels of metal, wood, plastic etc., at all frequencies. The acoustic barrier is normally fixed in intimate contact with the original panel. C03 and C09 acoustic barriers are very effective in overcoming coincidence dip resonance found in stiff lightweight composites such as plywood and hollow core panels.

Acoustic Barrier Products

Bitumen PE foil Covered Acoustic Barriers

C022 (3mm) and C023 (5mm) are diamond embossed Black PE faced barriers with a self-adhesive backing. These barriers are particularly suited to the realisation of flat sound insulation preventing transmission loss and aiding anti-vibration. The PE foil faced stops seepage from the oil in the bitumen based barrier keeping your everything clean a tidy. The PE foil also allows the facility to bond to substrates to create composites.

Acoustic Barrier Products

Bitumen Aluminium covered Acoustic Barriers

C024 is an acoustic barrier with a self-adhesive backing. A dense layer made of the laminated mixture of bitumen, polymers and mineral fillers at of different sizes. The surface is protected by an aluminium foil making it suited for areas exposed to heat. For example, this barrier is used to dampen the sound in engine block in Cars, Construction Vehicles, Agricultural Vehicles and the Marine industry.

Acoustic Barrier Products
Construction Sector

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