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Acoustic enclosures are modular constructions designed to reduce noise levels on new or existing machinery. They are built to the customer’s requirements and can house large manufacturing equipment such as a generator, CNC routers, as well as small types of machinery such as fans and refrigeration units. The acoustic enclosures can be installed both internally around a piece of machinery and externally.

Acoustic enclosures are required in industrial environments where reverberation and reflected noise from machinery are prevalent. As airborne noise needs to be muffled to protect employees working within the manufacturing environment. Our acoustic enclosures are designed with the frequencies which are most harmful to human hearing in mind. When high precision and critical measurements are paramount, an acoustic enclosure can be designed to suit by incorporating vibration dampening technology. Acoustic enclosures can be a permanent or portable enclosure dependant on your needs.

Acoustafoam can build enclosures using UPVC with the option to have aluminium extrusion frames or fabricated metal sheets. The inner core of the enclosure would be lined with acoustic foam which can either be plain or profiled foam to absorb the sound generated by the machinery. We can also supply companies who currently manufacture their enclosures with all of their acoustic requirements.

We offer a full design, test and report service to customers with the objective of not slowing down your production.

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