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Acoustafoam offers a broad range of acoustic products with excellent noise and sound absorption properties. Our foams meet flame retardant standards, FMVSS 302, UL94 HF1 and CLASS ‘O’.

We have a wealth of knowledge in many industrial sectors using our range of foams such as the Automotive, Rail, Power Generation, Construction, HVAC and Defence to name but a few. The acoustic foam is supplied in blocks, sheets and CNC profiled forming complex shapes, to customer specification. Allowing us to make custom kits for as Compressor, Trains, Cabs and much more.

We offer ceiling & wall panels and acoustic ceiling & wall panels, that use a melamine acoustic material core which is state of the art when it comes to acoustic panels. There is no better Acoustic products for the manufacture of Acoustic panels on the market!

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Our foam sheets are available either with or without self-adhesive backings and as laminates. Foam sheets come in a range of sizes or can be customised to suit your requirements.

When overcoming an external noise source which requires sound absorption and prevents transmission loss. Our range of laminates takes this into account, by combining the absorption powers of acoustic foam with the sound prevention abilities of an acoustic barrier. These can be designed to your specification and can come in a variety of facings and self-adhesive.

Foil-faced, and polyurethane faced foam sheets have a protective surface to stop contamination of the foam and are easy to wipe clean.

Class ‘0’ Foam sheets are fire rated and will not burn.

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