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Acoustafoam Limited are the market leaders in technology and innovation when it comes to manufacturing polyurethane foam products. We produce high-quality products from over 200 types of foam. Within this range of technical and comfort polyurethanes, we have a filtration section. The Filter Foam Range. Reticulated foams are also known as filter foams and skeleton foam due to the openness of the manufacturing technique.

Our polyurethane filter foams are made from both polyester and polyether resin.

Cell count per inch is the average cell count per inch in measurement. This is also known as pores per inch (PPI).  Acoustafoam offers a range of filter foams with 10PPI  to 80PPI. The filter foam process of reticulation gives the product an open structure of low restriction the more open the cells are. (Low PPI higher flow with less restriction and high PPI less flow with better restriction).

EsterCell is a range of filter foams that are non-FR and are used as a lower cost option where there is not a risk of fire. Areas such as outdoor applications and small components with no fire hazards. Non-water contact. PPI range 10, 15, 20, 30, 35, 45, 60, 80. Colour black.

PPI 60 is available in black, red, blue, yellow and green.
EsterCell FR is our fire retardant range that is used in industrial filtration with no water contact such as air, gas, fume and oil filters. Indoor and fire hazard areas.
PPI range 10, 20, 30, 45, 60, 80. Colour black.

EtherCell. Filter foam for water contact applications such as fish filtration and cushions in an outdoor environment that may become wet.

PPI range 10, 20, 30, 45, 60. Colours blue, green, red, cream and white.

FireCell. A class 0 range of impregnated filter foams UL 94/HF1and BS 476 Class O fire rated. PPI range 10, 20, 25, 30, 60. Colour black.

Polyester and Polyether

Polyester foams are limited to applications which do not involve contact with water. Polyester foams are used for air filtration.

Polyester reticulated foams are available in the fire retardant (FR) grades FMVSS302 industry standard. Other standards have been developed for the electronic and medical industries.

Polyester Foams are used untreated as liquid and gas filters in the processed form as ceramic filters and carrier medium (ink carriers).

Polyether foams are used with a large success in marine and fish keeping applications.
Polyether foams are also used for biological water treatment filtration projects.

Products manufactured by Acoustafoam from Filter Foams

  • Air filters,
  • Outdoor furniture seating,
  • Marine and Boat Seating,
  • Oil Filters,
  • Water Filters,
  • Microphone
  • Covers,
  • Gas and Cooker Filters,
  • Inkjet Cartridge Filters,
  • Impact and Blast Absorbers,
  • Insect Restriction Air Movement Systems,
  • Automotive Filtration,
  • Aquatic Filtration,
  • Paint Rollers and Application Pads,
  • Respiration Filters
  • Controlled Air Flow Masks, Air, Rail and Construction applications.
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