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Acoustafoam converts a broad range of furniture foam for both the domestic and contract markets. Furniture foam is supplied in blocks, sheets, cut shapes, kits, CNC profiles and moulded parts.

Combustion modified polyether foam, CMRB and CMHR (both of which are combustion modified high resilient foams) are supplied in grades from 21-65 kg density. In a range of colours and hardness’s and are suitable for padding, seating, and high-quality contract seating. Our reflex range is for soft feel superior domestic cushioning. Reconstituted foam provides support under our standard range foams also Reconstituted foam is the foam commonly used in bar stools and bench seating.


Our customers range from private individuals, upholsterers, domestic furniture manufacturers and contract furniture manufacturers.

Plus industries that provide seating within their products such as the marine sector.

Also, we supply our furniture foam to many industries including construction, military, automotive and aviation.

Construction Sector

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