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Here at Acoustafoam, we are always looking for latest Sound control solutions. We have recently developed our latest range of Heated Pressed Parts. We have two cutting-edge materials Melamine and Phenolic resin fibre to create our 2D elements.

Melamine Foam

Our Thermoformable Melamine foam is also known as A74 is an open cell thermoformable lend itself to creating a unique acoustic solution. The fundamental properties of melamine foam are;

  • Flame resistance (without the addition of flame retardants)
  • Application temperature up to 240°C,
  • Constant physical properties over a wide temperature range,
  • Abrasiveness.

Plus the addition of the Open cell structure:

  • High sound absorption capacity
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent thermal insulation properties
  • Flexibility at very low temperatures.
Pressed Parts

A74 contains all these significant characteristics with the added benefit of being thermoformable without the additional impregnation steps passing on the cost savings to our customers. By using A74, we have created two technical products MelaForm™ and MelaFoil™.


MelaForm™ is A74 wrapped in felt which is cured off at >200°C to produce 3D shaped components. Thes components are perfect for under the bonnet and in-cab Sound and thermal insulation. The reason being they can be shaped and designed to overcome complex environments. The additional benefit of MelaForm™ is its ability to apply company logos or patterns to the final design during the heated press process.

Heated Pressed Parts


MelaFoil™ is A74 with a perforated aluminium foil face making it a perfect product for heat shields within in engine blocks and any heat sensitive areas. Through the application of the perforated aluminium, we have increased the thermal value of the product however due to the perforation we have kept the ability of sound absorption. Resulting in there having to be no compromise in sound absorption.

Phenolic Resin Fibre

Phenolic Resin Fibre is also Known as F33 is a Glass wool Blanket impregnated with formophenolic binders. F33 has improved acoustic comfort due to its excellent sound absorption and sound insulation properties after moulding.

The Key Charaterrists of F33 are:

  • Optimal Acoustic Performance
  • Non-Combustible meets Horizontal combustibility and trucks afterglow standards
  • Excellent Thermal Insulation
  • Unique Lightness
  • Sustains up to 230°C operating temperatures
  • Active Environmental Protection


FibreForm™ is an F33 and felt composite allowing you to design a creative solution to your acoustic and thermal needs. F33 is an excellent barrier against heat loss, maintaining the right temperature to optimise engine performance and reduce CO2 Emissions. Making FibreForm™ Perfect for hood liners, battery covers, Headliners, Door panel and dash outer insulations.


FibreFoil™ is F33 and perforated Foil composite with the additional aluminium foil barrier we can increase the maximum operating temperature. Without decreasing the acoustic performance of the FibreFoil™. A great product to insulate industrial generators, compressors, engine bays and Marine Engines.

Pressed Parts

MelaForm™, MelaFoil™, FibreForm™  and FibreFoil™ can all be supplied with standard and high-temperature adhesives. The additional Self-adhesive makes the installation process quicker and easier, Increasing your production speed.

Please contact Acoustafoam for enquiries on our pressed parts products for all types of applications using the contact form. We look forward to speaking to you.

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