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Acoustafoam is a specialist supplier of acoustic and thermal interior trim for the automotive, construction, agricultural, rail and industrial sectors.

We developed with our customers a full range of moulded and profiled components that are not only functional but also cosmetically attractive for today’s markets. There are various options for the material patterns to be chosen from, along with the possibility for the trim to have sound insulation or fabric added.

Sound insulation would be added to the trim to reduce vibration into the cabin and to stop any unwanted rattle or squeaks from occurring. The reason to have a fabric finish would be dependent on the location of the trim such as the touch points where a user would be touching the material regularly.

With the aid of CAD design, igis and dfx files, we can produce products in the minimum time frame. Mechanical fir tree fasteners and self-adhesive backings are employed for easy fixing.

Sample items are available so that you can see and feel the finish you will receive.

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