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Acoustafoam manufactures marine acoustic insulation made from Rockwool fire pro. RW2000 is a rock mineral wool slab engineered to provide A-rated fire protection aboard ships and off-shore installations. This product is Lloyd Register of shipping and MED certified A30 and A60 fire protection to steel decks and bulkheads. It can be used to provide fire protection, thermal insulation and sound reduction with the minimum of weight. The product is laminated with B67 foil coated glass Class O fire rated.

Specification sheet:

  • Material code : RW 2000
  • Description : Marine Rockwool
  • Colour : Foil-faced (B67)
  • Sheet size: 1000mm x 600mm.Thickness: 25mm – 40mm – 75mm
  • Thermal conductivity: 0.033 w/MK at 10*c

Acoustics: Marine Rockwool foil faced slabs can considerably reduce the level of environmental sound. Fire specification: RW 2000 is Lloyd’s register of shipping certified and MED certified to provide A30 / A60 fire protection.

Applications: Fire protection, thermal insulation and acoustic treatment of marine and offshore installations. Finishes: The sheets can be supplied with a factory laminated reinforced foil facing. The foil is intended as a vapour barrier and butt joints should be sealed with foil tape (b67/50mm/s.a.).

Fixing: Contact adhesive, mechanical fasteners and self-adhesive backing if required. Work on the site: Fit to clean dry surface sheets of pre-cut shapes. All but joints cover with self-adhesive 50mm b67 foil tape. Sheets can be cut using a sharp knife.

This product is also supplied with pre-cut shapes and the edges are material wrapped.

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