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Acoustafoam offers a wide range of polyethene foams fabricated to provide substantial cushioning within packaging applications. Our packaging foam is engineered foam that can be CNC cut, routered and heat welded to precise customer specifications. The product is fully recyclable and provides repeated impact protection.

Available in anti-static quality and a range of colours, densities and a range of profiled foams cut to size and thickness. Anti-static foam is polyfoam or polyethene foam materials treated, to render them non-conductive to the adverse effects of static electricity.

Our high load bearing packaging open cell foams are a low-cost solution to your packing requirements. Available colours are dark grey, blue, pink anti-static. Due to our production processes, most projects are cut with no tooling costs allowing us to cater for low volume production orders.

Polyethene foam case inserts provide superior protection and unparalleled durability for the interior of your case.

Polyethene foam is a lightweight material that is inherently non-abrasive, non-dusting and easy to fabricate. Polyethene foam case inserts provide superior shock absorption and vibration dampening properties and impervious to bacteria, mildew and mould.

Polyethene foam case inserts have a high load bearing capacity, which helps end users reduce costs due to using less material without sacrificing protection. Great insulation properties along with a high resistance to chemicals and solvents make it an ideal choice for packaging heavier items and for materials handling applications. Polyurethane foam is also known as PU, PUF or PUR.

It is a flexible open cell type of foam. Polyurethane foam case inserts provide the best value for lightweight, delicate objects with high fragility. Case inserts are widely used in the medical packaging industry as well as other applications where abrasion resistance is essential.

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