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Acoustafoam offers Sewn products as we provide all our products in a usable state when we manufacture them one. Therefore, there is no need to treat, paint, clean or create a way to fix the item in place, as we design all of our products to your exact specifications. They are easy to use and apply.

Sewn products are primarily used for acoustic and thermal insulation. They are a fantastic product for a challenge’s that requires a technical and flexible solution.

Acoustic quilts can be manufacture from a range of fibres, polyester, felts and barriers. They are perfect for coach engine bay soundproofing, under cab insulation for construction vehicles and tanks jackets for luxury yachts.

Thermal insulation jackets are primarily used for DBR tanks and exhaust jackets. The jackets are used to not only retain heat in the emissions system to aid performance. The thermal insulation jackets are also used as a safety measure to protect the users.

We aim to meet and go beyond industry standard in all the sectors we work with to make sure we are the best known for our first class products that are competitive, delivered on time and always of the highest quality.

The primary industries we work in are construction, agricultural, marine, defence, and automotive; both in domestic and worldwide companies. As our product offering varies to different sectors, we have adapted and specialised ourselves to cater to all.

We can offer a range of sewn products from light covers, gaiters, acoustic quilts, industrial curtains, tank covers, velcro acoustic trim, Exhaust and SBR tank jackets.

Please contact Acoustafoam for enquiries on acoustic products for all types of applications using the contact form. We look forward to speaking to you.

Sewn Products
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