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Acoustafoam offers a range of products developed for domestic and commercial studio and cinemas both within the home and in a commercial environment. Manufactured in-house at our Telford site, these products are also used for noise absorption within conference halls, classrooms, sports halls and public buildings to name but a few.

Our products are made from Class O materials that meet the legislation for buildings and associated architectural applications.

Ceiling and wall panels are made from impregnated class O and melamine foam – 25 and 50 mm thick 600 mm square with chamfered edges, or cut to individual project design. Our acoustic bass trap kits with various profiled faces are ideal to be fitted into music studios.

They work as acoustic energy absorbers which are designed to dampen low-frequency sound energy. They trap the bass energy that collects in the corner of a room which allows you to control the low-frequency energy, providing a better listening environment.

Our acoustic bass trap kits are available in 4 different styles and three different colours. If you wish to purchase online, we highly recommend you visit our E-bay Shop.

Impregnated class O foam is dense foam, much more durable than melamine foam recommended for wall treatments. Melamine foam is an open cell product, low in weight with excellent sound absorption properties recommended for ceilings.

Both products are easy to cut and install with a self-adhesive backing. Acoustic corner traps for edges and corners of 90-degree angles. 600mm in length cut to suit tile thickness.

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